The 50/50 by 2030 Foundation builds on the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis’s strong track record of research and advocacy on gender equality issues and is led by Virginia Haussegger AM where she is an Adjunct Professor.

We are delighted by the support of an outstanding Advisory Council. This formidable network of men and women, whose contribution to public service excellence is exemplary, continue to provide inspiration through their unique and dedicated styles of leadership. Their enthusiasm and commitment to our vision gives considerable strength to our cause. As does our distinguished circle of Academic Associates, which includes a number of big thinkers who are renowned in their field of study. 

"There is a risk when talking about leadership practices that labels such as ‘feminine’ and ‘ethic of care’ misrepresent or somehow diminish the substance they describe. I believe they are more truthfully described as responsibility, competence and mutuality. In these terms, we do away with the loaded connotation of gender and recognise narrative practice as a potent model of leadership occupying, and deserving to occupy, the mainstream. It is an exercise of power, not merely something women do when they have no power."

Dame Quentin Bryce, Governor General: Boyer Lecture 2013