What we do

The 50/50 Foundation has three core pillars of activity: research; program design and training; events and advocacy.

  • We design, collate and synthesise the best research available on the political and practical participation of women, and develop evidence based theory and leading practice on the role of women in strengthening public administration and improving governance and national wellbeing.
  • Underpinned by both theoretical and practical dimensions, the 50/50 Foundation works in partnership to design programs that will encourage and accelerate women’s progress across all levels of public leadership. In 2018 we will launch our flagship 8-week program for mid-career women ‘Shaping Future Leaders’.
  • Unencumbered and apolitical, the Foundation provides mainstream media with commentary and analysis that supports the 50/50 by 2030 vision, and advances public discourse around gender equality. Our recently launched blog, BroadAgenda, is rapidly gaining traction as a showcase for the latest in gender equality research and views. Through an extensive 2018-2019 calendar of public events, including our 'BroadAgenda Public Talk Series’, we will engage thought leaders and policy makers in developing a gender diversity blueprint for the 2020’s.