BroadAgenda, a bold new blog for 'broads, blokes, brawn and brain!' was launched by the 50/50 Foundation on International Women's Day 2017, at the University of Canberra. The first of its kind, BroadAgenda aims to build a bridge between academic and public discourse on gender equality. By casting a gender lens over policy, politics and governance, along with issues of leadership and the gendered nature of power and authority, we are steadily building an audience among researchers, thinkers, journalists, public servants and engaged citizens who are interested in the exchange of ideas.

Staffed by IGPA post-graduate researchers, BroadAgenda is led by a distinguished editorial committee with expertise from mainstream media; philanthropic and private enterprise; the APS; academic institutions, and leading public policy think-tanks, including LSE Public Policy Group.

The BroadAgenda launch on International Women's Day 2017

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