Gender Equality Attitudes

From girls to men: Social attitudes to gender equality in Australia

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From Girls to Men: Social attitudes to gender equality in Australia is a research program hosted by the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation at the University of Canberra. The research program is distinctive in at least four ways. Firstly, it is the first research program in Australia to combine a large-scale national quantitative survey with nation-wide focus groups and big data analysis of social media activity on gender equality issues. Secondly, it studies the attitudes of boys and girls, men and women to gender issues relating to equality and empowerment. Thirdly, it investigates attitudinal patterns by generational, mainstream and diversity groups. And, fourthly, particular attention is paid to the relationship between sexual politics and gender attitudes and the role of social media in promoting gender attitudes.

Stage 1 report presents our quantitative findings derived from a national survey of 2,122 Australians about their attitudes to issues of sexism and gender inequality. The survey was conducted online by Ipsos in March 2018, with participants recruited from a combination of online panels and via social media advertising. The survey aimed to explore: 1) the attitudes of boys, girls, men and women to equality and empowerment; 2) attitudinal differences by generation; and, 3) the relationship between online activity (social media browsing, game playing and recreational browsing) and attitudes to gender equality.


Read the full report, 'From girls to men: Social attitudes to gender equality in Australia' here.